The goal of virtualization in today's IT environment is to centralize management of hardware and software resources, and to improve scalability and the utilization of those resources. Virtualization drives and supports multi-device, multi-platform and multi-location infrastructure with agility and top performance to reduce your organization’s overall capital and operational costs.

TekScape delivers custom virtualizaiton solutions that tailor to fit your company.

Our mission is to simplify and streamline your network, increase efficiency, improve your company’s collaboration and lower your overhead. Our custom-engineered designs and implementation optimize your hardware resources and increase your overall system performance to provide more redundancy and flexibility for growth. Whether you are considering Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) or you want to optimize the capabilities of a server or storage array, TekScape approaches your objectives in a structured, granular fashion that we think you'll appreciate.

Your IT infrastructure doesn't have to be a burden.

Virtualization reduces costs, scales more easily and quickly, allows balancing of resources that lead to better performance, simplifies both virtual and physical network infrastructure, and, – perhaps most important in this day of continuous technology advances -- increases your ability to respond to changing workloads, IP traffic and new demands in your network. We've found virtualization initiatives fall into several categories.


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Perhaps you need to increase security by replacing PCs with virtual desktop machines that, for example, preclude the risk of users copying information to flash drives or CDs. Any of a number of solutions – including repurposing existing desktop machines, thin clients and even using mobile devices – may meet your needs. VDI protects user data by storing it externally on a server, which also simplifies disaster recovery and gives users the flexibility to login from any device you choose to support.

Server Virtualization. This allows hardware running two or more operating systems and their corresponding applications to be easily managed, updated and maintained. It gives you superior control over the performance of the data center. Combining applications and disparate operating systems from multiple servers to a single server delivers hardware economies as well as improved utilization of memory and CPUs. It's no longer necessary to follow the dated “one server/one application” model. Hypervisor software oversees the various virtual machines running on the server, increasing the efficiency of the hardware itself. Reduced operating expense -- the cost of electrical power that was formerly used to cool and run multiple servers – is also achieved.

Storage Virtualization. Storage virtualization helps maximize your storage assets. It creates more responsive and efficient services to users and allows mixing drives from different vendors. This gives you flexibility in choosing storage vendors and in using existing drives. We understand that virtualization of your corporate data and applications is a process. We recommend you start small with specific applications. Then, enlarge the process until you've met your objectives – whether they are in the domain of disaster recovery, improved service levels or the reduction of capital and operating expense.

Virtualization can solve a wide array of pain points you may be facing.

Budget. With an inadequate budget your organization is unable to keep up with demand.

Compliance. Whether financial, health, law, government, insurance or regulatory, your organization needs to enhance security at the desktop level and throughout the entire network.

Your server farm is growing out of control with many machines running at just a fraction of their capacity.

You need to handle BYOD issues and secure corporate data with mobile users.

Your business is growing! You need the scalability to accommodate new users, offices and customers.

No matter the issue, we'll take time to understand what works and what needs improvement. We'll analyze your IT infrastructure, evaluate usage and recommend best practices that solve your particular situation. With a legion of successful virtualization implementations, we'll be happy to share customer references.

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