high-level network infrastructure design delivers cost-effective and flexible solutions.

Your company’s network is the predominant face to your customers, prospective customers, vendors and employees. While conference rooms, brick and mortar buildings and traditional ways of conducting business will never fall away entirely, the people you want and need to connect with your organization do it first and foremost through your network. People buy from you or contribute to the growth of your company, no matter where they're located or what device they're using to gain access. Why not provide the most highly advanced and secure client facing resources?


TekScape understands the issues you're facing: security, BYOD, bandwidth and traffic demands, reliability, up-time and delivering on the promises of your SLAs. TekScape designs and implements cost-effective, durable and extensible solutions that deliver on all of those issues based on your needs today as well as your projected needs for the future.

TekScape solutions, powered by Cisco, provides a wide range of network designs that allow you to serve visitors, customers, mobile device users and others with a robust infrastructure that delivers lower initial and on-going costs, enhancing your ability to capture new revenue opportunities.


Adopting safe, secure cloud computing services. Perhaps you've been virtualizing your data center and considering how the cloud can offload some of your apps and services. Cloud computing can be accomplished through customized public and private platforms. TekScape designs the best solution to accommodate your specific applications and security requirements. Security is one of the most important aspects of a network and our business. Since tragic events such as Hurricane Sandy and September 11th 2001, security and disaster recovery has been priority in the minds of Directors and CIOs to make sure the network and Intellectual Property are secured and protected in case of any disaster, natural or manmade.

Increasing Bandwidth to accommodate more media and access to critical information. You need to increase bandwidth to accommodate SaaS applications, video and multimedia apps, and remote users who need access to critical information right now. Using DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) equipment allows you to manage the wavelength of optical signal streams over fiber networks, multiplying your network's capacity up to four-fold to give your users unparalleled access to media, data and information.

Guaranteeing up-time with a high availability network design. TekScape offers a wide range of resilient network designs that ensure your network serves its robust user base flawlessly. We design high availability architecture that places redundant devices at critical points of failure. For example, a failed router that brings users to frozen screens can “fail-over” to a redundant router seamlessly with no impact on the user experience. RAID storage and server fail-over further complement the network to provide resilient, high availability service 24/7 giving your users continuous access to apps and data they need.



TekScape partners with the world leader in network infrastructure design and implementation: Cisco Systems. We're certified (Cisco, HP, Dell intermediate and expert level. CCIE, CCVP, CISSP, A+, Network +, MCTS, and MCITP to name a few), and have years of experience working with businesses ranging from those who simply need to build a LAN, to corporate enterprises that serve millions of customers, employees, vendors and others. Contact us to schedule a discussion about your specific needs and concerns. We're here to help.