Custom data center solutions
that fit your needs and provide
the framework of your organization.


The Data center is the powerhouse of your organization. It centralizes your IT operations and infrastructure, houses your network’s most critical systems, and serves as the foundation upon which your applications and IT architecture are built. This is where your back-end IT systems, the mainframes, servers and databases are located, and what determines the agility and performance of your organization.

TekScape builds custom data centers tailored to your resources and needs. We are experts in advanced data center strategies such as virtualization, fabric-based infrastructure, modular designs and cloud computing, as well as data center moves. We focus on your immediate needs while factoring in your future growth and ability to scale.

What are your Data center needs?

You’ve outgrown your current IT infrastructure. You have expanding amounts of data, unstable application performance and infrastructure that cannot scale to match your growth. Colocation is the solution for organizations that require flexibility, reduced risk, consistent capital and operating expenses. TekScape’s colocation services improve reliability with redundant infrastructure, increased efficiency and performance so you can rest-assured that your data is safely stored.

Managing your storage is overwhelming. Storage management tools can automate daily and repetitive tasks such as centralized storage management, online configuration and administration, tiered dynamic storage, data migration, and local and remote replication and can cut your operational IT costs. Storage changes and configuration not only reduce your expenditures but allow you to optimize your storage capacity at minimal deployment and ongoing efforts on your part. TekScape designs and manages your data centers per your requirements and budget.

Securing and recovering your data in the event of a critical disaster. Hurricanes, earthquakes and fires are an unfortunate reality that your business must face and combat in order to safeguard the data and future of your organization. TekScape’s Comment [ALF4]: I ADDED THIS PHOTO CARD AND COPY AS A NEW CARD expert architects design geographically redundant environments using private and public cloud for disaster recovery needs. High density computing, including shared environments and multi-tenancy platforms, are becoming staple resources within the data center because of their ability to consolidate multiple users on a shared system and allowing administrators to respond quickly in the event of a disaster, preventing business interruption.

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