Your company may already be using cloud services in one form or another, or perhaps you're considering how the cloud can improve your IT operation, up-time, faster rollout of new applications and universal access to corporate data. Recent developments in cloud computing have expanded the concept far beyond simply storing data non-locally. SaaS (software as a service), IaaS (Internet as a service) and elastic caching are just some of the new cloud technologies that TekScape can provide for your organization.

Cloud Computing is the future of IT

Learn from the Experts. TekScape is not only hardware agnostic, we also understand your concerns about security of data in the cloud. You can choose from two cloud computing options and we'll help you through the decision-making process. We'll help you design and implement your own private cloud. For companies looking to quickly deliver a small suite of services, a private cloud may be more suitable.

TekScape offers a full range of innovative hosted and on-premise services. By moving to the cloud you save the investment and ongoing management resources of local servers. Empower your organization with high availability and integration of your phone system into the cloud with TekScape’s Aria, a seamlessly engineered hosted voice platform. Read more about Aria here.

Get started finding solutions to your IT issues. TekScape's expertise in cloud computing is available with nothing more than a click or a phone call to 855-TekScape.



Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity - Servers are stored in a remote location, preventing business interruption in the event of a natural disaster and keeping your organization operational.

Enhance Recovery Efforts - With an installed agent on each workstation you gain protection. Backups are deployed automatically for remote monitoring and management.

Reliable & Cost Effective - Avoid upfront capital investment in hardware and software purchases. You reduce your operational IT costs with desktops and applications store off-site in the cloud, accessible on a subscription basis.

Scalability - With TekScape’s cloud servers you’re afforded grid computing features to expand or shrink your storage and memory as needed, giving you the flexibility for your business growth.

Flexible and Agile IT delivery - We host your desktop and applications. All you need is a device and an internet connection.

Lower Cost Ownership - Moving some or your entire infrastructure off-site into the cloud gives you higher performance and reliability.

Reduced Operational Complexity - Boost employee productivity with our hosted exchange featuring advanced filters, Virus/SPAM protection, ActiveSync and more.

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Discover the solutions to your IT issues. TekScape's expertise in cloud computing is available with nothing more than a click or a phone call to 855-TekScape.


Server costs and management are a growing burden. The cloud eliminates the need to add new servers to your IT infrastructure. Cloud computing offers solutions to concerns about load balancing your existing servers, providing for fail-over services, backups and the sheer cost of constantly adding new hardware to the server room. The cloud can host your applications, provide backup and security and give your employees, customers and vendors access from anywhere based on the permissions you provide. In addition, the cloud can reduce your cost of electrical power to run and cool your data center. It can eliminate the costs of hiring, training and supervising IT staff to support on-site hardware and applications. It can give you “storage on demand” and elasticity to accommodate bursts of activity.


Your business is growing and you need an economical alterative to expanding your in-house IT operation. With cloud computing, you can host business-critical applications - CRM, financial, operations, human resources and more - on servers that you pay for on a subscription basis. You can avoid building out and staffing and expensive server room, concentrating instead on your network that gives people access to your corporate data.

You are scaling back office space and implementing a remote work force. Cloud services can provide a phone system that gives each employee a single number that rings through no matter where the person may be or what device he or she is using to take the call. On-premise phone switches and servers become unnecessary, giving your employees, cusotmers and other continuous access to the people they need to reach, when they need to reach them. The cloud is an excellent solution for companies who wish to scale back on brick and mortar and the expenses they incur. In connection with Collaboration services, you can achieve new levels of productivity and growth.